Nike Skateboarding Brasil
Nas Quadras

Crooked pavement, cracked ledges, broken sidewalds And portuguese stones.
We have always managed to skate. In football country, the solution sometimes is to break into a court. In D.I.Y style, bleachers turn ledges, posts turn rails and there you go, fun’s up.
That’s how, ollieing over those difficulties, that our skate gained the world.


Type design by Francisco Martins

D.I.Y Zine
A guide to create your own spots. 

This zine is a contribution from Nike SB for all ones who build skateboarding scene on a day-by-day. With specialists help, we created three models of famous obstacles that will able any skateboarders crew to be more independent.
Teaser phase
Type design by Francisco Martins

Type design by Francisco Martins

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