Mountain Dew Brazil Launch

All the visuas and concept pays tribute to a time when skateboarding lifestyle was taking the world by storm. Inspired on the iconic language developed by Californian artists like Jim Phillips, this key visual is both appealing to broader audiences as it is a feast to core skaters. 

Throughout the dreamlike neon visions at play in this "Fora do Comum" mindscape, trained eyes will find easter eggs like the "NO MALLGRAB”, thrasher's "King of The Road" t-shirt ripper and the legendary VX1000 video camera. At the same time, bold neon and green palletes enhance product functionality and lust. 

By managing to translate core iconography into a crowd-friendly language, this kv places mountain dew in the best of two worlds, revering the past with a contemporary lens, and thus looking forward to the future.


Thank you (:
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