Marcelo D2 apresenta
AMAR é para os FORTES

“Amar é para os Fortes” means “Love is for the Strong Ones”. It’s the 10th album of one of the most prominent hip-hop artists in Brazil: Marcelo D2. The album was produced by Mario Caldaro Jr. of Beastie Boys fame, while the film was produced, written and directed by Marcelo D2. The project is described as “a musical chronicle of Rio de Janeiro’s reality: violence, drugs, friends and enemies, family, art, hope, love.” 

My Role: Creative and Art Direction on the Album and Movie 2D visual concept and development.

Agency: DABBA  & Viela Studio
Direction: Marcelo D2
Creative Direction: Marcelo D2 and Tiago Moraes
Design Direction: Felipe Ribeiro and Tiago Moraes
Art Director: Felipe Ribeiro 
Photography: Alex Batista
Described by the artist as “an album to watch,” the story, based on his own, is a stylish street opera that illustrates arts role in social change.
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The project "Amar é para os Fortes" became a fashion collection designed by Pedro Andrade in collaboration with PIET®
The film is available at Apple Music and Youtube

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