En Transit
Suported: by Vans Europe

From his recent integration to Paccbet, a board brand located quite East of his native city of Lille, to a quasi super-activity of his Öctagon buddies and a solid take on street skating while never shying away from a little quirky take on it, we always have Val in our sights but for the good reasons. All his recent activity gives us the occasion of helping you find out a little more about this fine young man, via a new LIVE production, signed by Blake Myers, with a custom soundtrack done by Thom Pringle. The video drops with an "En Transit" zine that will be available in a selection of French skateshops. 

Photography: Benjamin Deberdt
Design: Viela Studio
Video: Blake Myers

Fonts used: Paradoxa (designed by Pedro Arcoverde)
and Roboto (designed by ‎Christian Robertson) 
This video was created, filmed and directed by Blake Myers.
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